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Working With Insurance Adjusters and Homeowners

If you've experienced a loss from a fire, flood, or storm damage, filing an insurance claim is traditionally the best way to return your property to its original condition. Most Insurance Adjusters rely on the assistance of qualified licensed contractors to assist in attaining an accurate repair scope on the project and its associated costs. This is where we can help.

We're Here for You

The insurance claim repair process is different from most other home improvement projects.  Typically home improvement projects are elective; insurance loss just happens with no warning or time to prepare. Having a loss at your home often places most homeowners into a state of panic.  In addition to working with the insurance company to make sure the financial aspects of the event are covered, we take great pride in delivering peace of mind to our customers. Our first priority is to assure you that your home and personal property will be handled with the highest level of care.

You Can Count on Us

At GOLDEN VALLEY RESTORATION, LLC., when we work for you, we Interface  with your  Insurance Company,  we  make sure the entire cost of the restoration project is represented through the completed estimate and any supplemental work for unseen damages once the project is underway.  We have spent years processing insurance related  repairs; we are well versed in the language and estimating practices of the Insurance Industry that can be so overwhelming to the average Homeowner.

Contractor and Adjuster Working Out an Agreement

Bringing it All Together

Insurance Companies work with us because we are experts at estimating property loss. We appropriately grade the materials that are damaged so that the proper replacement value can be applied.  We assist in defining construction processes and material costs to get an agreed cost of repairs that defines the loss. We discover and provide supplemental cost estimates for damages that were hidden prior to the commencement of repairs. Homeowners use us because we are compassionate to their situation and our workmanship, customer service and attention to detail is second to none.  We are experts at processing Insurance loss and we absolutely will not accept anything less than our customers deserve to return their homes to their pre-loss condition.